I create sculptures using 3D printing technology. I „copy” and „paste” particles of the virtual world into „our” reality. Situated in a gallery space, they act as quotes from behind the screen or monitor.


A digital tool requires technical skills and knowledge from its user. Once the experience is there, the 3D printer makes it possible to communicate the reflections about what is inspiring for an artist. The dynamic development of 3D printers and scanners offers sculptors enormous opportunities to create. It does not mean mass production or a flight from art.


I look and record, what occurs at the interface of various electronic devices by making it come true. Such creation path leads somewhere in between reality and digitality. I draw inspiration from different sources and phenomena, but it’s not like in my work with print I want to realize my every vision at any cost. More often I react in a creative way to what the machine „suggests” to me. I operate with formal means to gain new meanings and ways of expression. Thanks to digital tools, my artistic perspective has increased and kept its value.